Note Pad
  • Soft bound cover
  • Note pad consists of high quality natural shaded paper
  • Available in a variety of designs
Size Ruling  Pages  P Code EAN Code 
A5 Single Ruled 50 Pgs S032 8904242900321
A5 Single Ruled 100 Pgs S033 8904242900338
A5 Single Ruled 180 Pgs S034 8904242900345
A5 UnRuled 50 Pgs S035 8904242900352
A5 UnRuled 100 Pgs S036 8904242900369
A4 Single Ruled 50 Pgs S050 8904242900505
A4 Single Ruled 100 Pgs S051 8904242900512
A4 UnRuled 50 Pgs S052 8904242900529
A4 UnRuled 100 Pgs S053 8904242900536
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