If u are a stationery lover and want real quality with some great designs this is where u will find it! Store 67 is a blend of top class quality at satisfying prices . I bet u will love owing all the products , just like me !



I think the innovative and colourful designs of the books make me want to write more and more in them. The city themed books are my personal favorite and they inspire me to use them. The quality of the paper is also definitely among the best and it's overall a great experience using them. I'm always stacked with many of them and I feel like I'm accustomed to used only Store 67 now because of the exclusive experience it provides.

Nimit batavia

Student (Bangalore)

Store 67 is my absolute favourite! With innovative and cool products, I wouldn’t dare to write on any other book or drink coffee from any other mug. Very excited to explore this new site and more products this store has to offer. Hats off to the team behind this store.


Student (manchester university)

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About Us

We, at Store 67 use our deep understanding of our customers, extensive and thoughtful ideation as well as superior craftsmanship to provide innovative designs and high quality products. Our fun and quirky designs are aimed to reflect today’s lifestyle, while still remaining highly functional. Store 67 has a wide range of products with different styles, patterns and sizes. We have a work book for every project. Our design team creates designs in unique and interesting patterns & prints and works on inch by inch detail of the product before its release. We our committed towards bringing world-class stationery and gifts around the globe. At present, we have a wide range of stationery and gifts customised for everyone’s needs . We aim to bring high quality products at affordable price for our customers.

Also, at Store 67 we are happy to help you construct your own product through a language of visual simplicity, intuitive functionality and attention to detail & quality. We have several methods of personalising the collection - Right from the selection of book cover materials, paper colours, branding techniques, to all the finishing options. We customise products for specific events, programmes, conferences and initiatives - Making all of it a reflection of your own preferences.

We also work with organisations and businesses to offer unique branding solutions and exemplify the company values.

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